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Fungus actually IS one of those rare bands who've got
their own signature beer. And Fungus don't just have
one special signature beer. It now comes in TWO flavours.
The original one is now known as "Fungus Bruin"
and the new one is called "Fungus Blonde".

Here is some information about the beers...

Fungus Bruin Fungus Blonde
Type: Wheat ale
Color: Brown
Malt: Bavarian wheat and bavarian chocolate
Hops: Cascade, Fuggles
Yeast: Belgian Abbey Ale (Brewer's Choice)
Alcohol: 4,5%-6% (different batches)
Batches brewed: 3

Though the taste, quality and even color
has varied from batch to batch, the initial
one tasted of everything from grapefruit to
chocolate to bananas and the followers have
been similar. The bitterness and wheat ale
nature of the beer makes it very refreshing
and it has been very popular among both beer
enthusiasts and people who are not really
that into beer.

Serve cold, and if you like,
with a slice of lemon. :)

Type: Belgian triple
Color: Yellow/amber
Malt: Bavarian pilsner and caramel pilz
Hops: Magnum, target, saaz
Yeast: Belgian Abbey Ale (Brewer's Choice)
Alcohol: estimated to be around 9%
Batches brewed: 2

This is, in a way, the Evil Twin of the
original Fungus. Ok, of course all Funguses
are evil, but instead of being dark, bitter
and easily drunk, this one is lighter in color,
tastes sweet but is much stronger and definately
not as easy to chug down like it's sibling.

There's an orange-like taste that can be
attributed to the use of Coriander in the
brewing. It's also as sweet as the other brew
is bitter, so this is no ordinary beer.
To those of you who are into Belgian Triples,
this might be a bit reminiscent of Montagnarde.

Store and serve this beverage cold.
The high gravity (attributed to both the
low amount of water and the use of syrup in
the brewing process) makes this a drink to savour,
rather than just a way to quench your thirst.
Therefore, the beer will have gotten warmer
before you finish the glass anyway, releasing
more and more flavours and aromas you'd
never find in your average Bud.

Despite problems like cloudiness that requires
sub-zero temperatures to get rid of, or the fact
that it needs much more time than Fungus Bruin to
mature, it has turned out to be another fine brew
I find deserving of proudly bearing the name