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Here's the story of this little band, as told by Tomas.
Not that it is a very interesting story really, but here goes.

A new chapter

In the fall of 2002, Tomas band
(called Lack Of Love at that time),
that he had had for a couple of years,
with nearly 20 different members
in just the past 2 three years or so,
with lots of different names and incarnations,
was finally disintegrated when drummer Andreas quit
after being the only permanent member besides Tomas,
for the past three years.

Thus Tomas decided to start up a new band,
based upon the concept he had worked out during the years
(The idea was pretty much to play Tomas's songs, period.)

While hearing Robin playing some acoustic guitar at school,
Tomas noticed that he had the right feeling
required to play guitar on his songs
(believe it or not, not everyone is able to play Tomas's songs
the way they're meant to be played).
He asked Robin if he was interested in joining a band,
that would rehearse at school, since we have access to rehearsal rooms
pretty much whenever we have recess and no one else is using them.
Robin was in. Now we needed a drummer as well.

Getting a drummer

Laura was actually supposed to be the first drummer,
but when the school show (a project led by a man called Kex)
was nigh, she was pretty busy with her own band,
Leisure Lee (then called "Velvet Underpants")
so we needed to find someone else.
By this time we had also swapped instruments, so I was playing guitar
and Robin bass (which was his main instrument anyway).

Another student, in the 2nd music class, Mikael,
heard me play "the Void" on acoustic guitar
and said Robert (reverend Robert) would be just right for that song.
We asked Robert if he wanted to play on the song
and he was up to it, although we only the three of us only rehearsed
together once, and the day before the gig,
Robert said he couldn't make it to the first show in the morning.
Of course we thought the bad news was a bit late,
but luckily Josef could help out, so no harm was done.
We rehearsed a few times that evening
(I wasn't home until 3 o clock that night).

The next day we played the song twice,
once in the morning and once in the afternoon.
Although we weren't really in prime form
(at least I wasn't, especially in the afternoon),
we received some pretty good response from a couple of people.

Later on, John had joined our class. And well what did you know?
He played drums. In fact, he was pretty good at it too.
So we now had two drummers in our class, John and Tomas F.

The decision was a no-brainer. John was simply the one who was
supposed to play drums in this band, so we asked him to join.
As he didn't even have another band, he wasn't very busy and
he was interested in playing with us.

The final element

We now had a 3-piece line-up: guitar, bass, drums and vocals.
I also had a repertoire of more than 10 songs,
all pretty decent and quite varied as well.

But Robin thought we ought to find "a real singer",
and I was aware of the fact that I was never really singer material.
We both considered Christoffer, and as we really couldn't
think of anyone better in our class, we asked him.
We knew he had another band (just like every other member except John),
but he was willing to play with us anyway, as he liked the material.
So we now had a 4-piece line-up, with double guitarists/vocalists,
and luckily, our voices and guitar-work worked pretty well together.

That's the beginning of the story of the band named Fungus.
For the rest of the story, listen to the songs, check out the rest
of the site, and don't forget to attend the occassional Fungus gig! :)