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Over-age Infant video up

Yup, the video's up. I finally figured out a way to allow people
to download stuff from my computer even though the router won't
allow me to put up stuff like web servers, web radio and other
things that uses specific ports where people have to type in my IP.

So how did I solve this you wonder? The answer is
torrents folks, good ol' torrents. The only problem is, you'll
need to download a bittorrent client and figure out how to use it.
I recommend Azureus, since it works great for me, but it doesn't
really matter which one you're using. Now be a good boy/gal/thing
get the required software and head over to the videos section or
search The Pirate Bay for Fungus. For some reason, only the largest
version of the video appears if you search "all" so you'll have to
check "video" if you want to find the smaller versions.
But still, the video's up and I'll even make a torrent for the entire
album in (yup, you heard me) uncompressed Wave format, plus cover art
and lyrics sheet in JPEG, or maybe even PDF format. :)
How about it? How about it huh?


Site updated

I fixed some HTML code that didn't make the page look very good
In Mozilla Firefox, plus I fixed a number of things in the lyrics
section. Still haven't figured out what's the problem with the
router though, so no 50 mb downloads yet. Sorry.


New server coming soon

If anyone knows how to access a computer that's behind a router,
I'd be glad to get some help.


Demo/New Website

Wheeeee, the demo is finally finished! :D
The levels no longer clip, the bass is thicker than ever and I've even
added more vocals and guitars here and there. The quality may still be
way below what one might expect people to pay for, but I've never really
understood the idea of selling demos for more than the cost of an unused
CD-R. Thus, anyone can download the demo in mp3-format, or ask me for a
copy of the actual CD.

We also have a gig in Borås april 16 and as soon as I decide what OS I will use,
I will use my old computer as the web server for, thus being
able to put up the video for "Over-age Infant" as well as multiple mp3 files for
each song, so that modem users can download the 128bps version while broadband
users might want to choose up to 320kbs (or maybe even uncompressed wave,
and burn the CD themselves). :)



So, we now have 5 decent recordings, mixed to listenability my me
(John have mixed 3 songs as well, but the ones available for download
are mixed by me). That means we've got a demo/EP (call it what you want).
There are plans to record at least 2 more songs in the near future,
and thus making an album of sorts. But right now, we have these songs:

Black Roses and Feathers (re-recording)
Blood Clots
Over-age Infant
the Void



5 studio recordings are now available for download.
I've only been able to mix 3 of them (Blood, Sponge, Void)
but I will mix the others as soon as school starts and I can
get hold of the separate audio tracks for the songs.

The idea of using double mics for bass drum and snare on The Void
turned out to be a marvelous one. I'm really satisfied with that one.
I think we will continue to do that (plus use toms) when we record more songs
and re-record Black Roses. That one could turn out really well.

Happy new year to y'all!

(BTW, the 2nd generation of Fungus beer wasn't as good as the first one.
Nevertheless, it was a fine beer. The 3rd one doesn't taste very well yet.)



Semi-famous punk band Iguana Party agreed to play at Musikens Hus.
Hopefully, that means lots of people are going to attend that show.
I'm even considering putting up ads on the bus.
(My friend Per, of Snorting Maradonas fame, told me it's not that expensive)

I might even treat some of the first people arriving to some brand new...
Yes, it's finally drinkable. And not just drinkable, but really well-tasting.

According to Lund, "Fungus has lots of fruitiness like large Belgian beers,
but without too many alcohol flavours cloaking them.
It possesses a surprising chocolate taste and aroma, and an elegant
but high bitterness that actually feels less bitter than it really is.
The fruity citrus taste and aroma of the hops blend well with the other
fruity flavours. It's rich and malty, without being very sweet, with a big body.
The colour is brown and it's a cross between light and dark wheat-beer.
When poured violently, Fungus creates a large head of foam,
but poured gently, only a thin layer of foam is created.
Taste will improve over time but should be perfect within one or two weeks.

Over all, Fungus is a very successful beer.
It might have a little fermenting left which will decrease a sweetness
experienced first towards the bottom of the glass, and get more
carbonated and dry. After a few sips, your whole mouth taste like banana."
(beer quote poorly translated from swedish)


Coming soon: Fungubrew

Yup! Finally, we're going to have our very own signature beer.
Brewing will be done by Tomas and (Johan) Lund, homebrewer extraordinaire.
If brewing goes as planned, the brew might turn out to be a hoppy,
only slight dark crossbreed between wheat beer and english ale.

Or maybe it won't?



I thought we weren't going to play live for some time
after the concert on valentine's day, but boy was I wrong.
First, I helped the girls in "In The Doorway" with a poster,
and all of a sudden, Fungus had another gig.
Then one day, my friend Per called me with one day's notice
and asked me if we wanted to play in Borås.
So I called up the other members of the band
and we decided to accept the offer.

But obviously, fate had more gigs in the bag for Fungus.
When I was at Meeths today, planning for the concert this saturday,
a guy named Martin, who work there, told me about a concert this sunday,
where two bands had cancelled, so they needed two replacements.
Once again, I called up the band members and asked them about it.
Then I called this woman named Dali and thus,
we had just gotten our 3rd gig in less than a month.

We're also trying to get a gig at the Härlanda prison
in Gothenburg on the 5th of june.
We're also planning a show on the 18th of september
at Musikens Hus in Gothenburg, with Chewstring, Vacui
and (if we're lucky) Headplate, plus some other bands.

But I'll get back to that later...


Hi everybody!
("Hiii Dr Nick!" :P)

Our last gig went by pretty well.
We played our entire set, except for the song we refer to as "the Primus song",
which we used as an encore when people wanted more. :D
It was the first time we did an encore,
and it was also the first time I noticed people singing along with the lyrics.
I saw at least one person do so. It was a friend of mine
who also joined me on stage during Spongeboy for some jumping. :)

The next time we play at Meeths, my guitar will have a full set of
newly waxed pickups which should reduce a bit of my infamous
amount of feedback. I'm still waiting for it so I'm kind of excited.
Hopefully, my singing will have improved at least a little bit as well.
On top of that, we might even be able to nail a new song or two. :)

We would like as many people to attend that show as possible,
since it might be the last time you'll be able to see Fungus live
until Autumn. Unless someone like us and offer us a gig.

If you're not sure, this is probably a pretty good time to
get an opinion about Fungus, since we will probably (I hope)
sound as good as ever.

In other'll be prime Fungus!


First of all...Happy new year to every one out there!

The gig at Pianobaren was probably the best one ever,
although we've played better but we've never gotten free pizza before
(let alone beers).

The soundcheck was a disaster for us, and I was down for a while,
but when we finally got on stage (after some free beer :),
it felt pretty good and my voice (which I had ruined earlier)
was alright again. People seemed to like our performance
and a guy in the audience whose name slipped my name at the moment,
bought some drinks. (Jimmy Bean never tasted so good as when it's free :)

The whole performance was also video-taped by Flatline State.
Thanks a thousand times to them for letting us play there in the first place.


Well, last saturday was fun.
The sound was terrific during the soundcheck,
I used the "triple X" for distortion
and my Marshall for clean sounds.
Except for a little delay due to lack of audience,
everything went right...UNTIL Fungus hit the stage
to serve as the closing act.

It turned out my distortion pedal was out of batteries
and because of that (?) I couldn't get any sound
from my Marshall, although the distortion wasn't even
connected to that amplifier.
I blame the stinkin' v-amp, and Fredrik's friggin v-amp too,
which I borrowed in orderer to eliminate some feedback,
but the piece of crap decided to go from by-pass mode to
"Oh, look how many unneccessary crap effects
I can add spontaneously during a song" mode.

Don't EVER use a v-amp folks!

Some people thought we did pretty good anyway,
though I was highly unsatisfied.
But just wait until the 20th of december,
when we will be playing at Pianobaren,
in Trollhättan. That'll be swell.


YES! We finished mixing "Black Roses and Feathers" yesterday
(although it has not been mastered yet) and our teacher
Mats burned it onto CD for me.
It is now available for download here.


I got the live recordings from "Marsgiget" from Kexan,
a teacher at our school (one cool guy I tell ya).
They are now available for download. Enjoy. :)


Today we rehearsed (you guessed it) "Black Roses and
Feathers". I decided to transpose the song down to B,
which made it sound pretty good with my heavily
detuned guitar and on-top-of-my-voice vocals.

Robin will be tuning down the 5-string bass to an A
as well, which will make it sound even more heavy
during certain parts of the song, creating even
greater dynamics, just like my guitar playing,
even though both me and Cristoffer is now playing
with distortion through the entire song.

I just can't wait to play this new version live. :D


We played 2 songs (Black Roses and a new one
I call Blood Clots) at "Marsgiget" ("the March gig")
at our school (Angeredsgymnasiet).
It felt pretty good and from what people told us,
we did a pretty good performance. :)

The entire show was taped (except some parts
where the recorder stopped, but thankfully,
that didn't happen during our songs).
Those 2 songs will probably be available here soon.


Ok, we're going to enter the studio in the near future
to record Black Roses and Feathers.
John's wrist has gotten better.
However, my throat is not well at the moment.
Patience people.